As advocated by Stephen R Covey, 'Sharpening the Saw', i. e continually renewing yourself, your tools, techniques is one of the seven habits of highly effective people, which is mostly overlooked or underestimated by others.Not strange! In fact the most important tool we use everyday, almost non- stop in business meetings, presentations, interviews, at home, in social gatherings is 'our voice'. But we often neglect it or think that it cannot be improved.I have further observed that it is not only Amitabh Bacchan or Ameen Sayani, but also many corporate executives, whose success is attributable to their voice. When this dawned upon me, I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak to better my voice. With her accurate analysis of my voice and personally administered exercise plan, I got my natural, better sounding voice in 6 weeks. And of course, a better job too, with more authority and responsibility.

Vinayak Desai
Associate Director, Information Security

I have learnt to connect my emotions much better with my voice. I don’t lose my voice at the end of every performance as I used to. My performances are more powerful & honest.

S. J
Theatre actress

It was really scary to have felt that I may not sing. The voice coaching and of course a better understanding of the anatomy of voice production have been just marvelous. Extremely satisfying experience due to complete attention paid by Dr. Nayak. My voice is back to a good cheer.

Vinay Mahajan
Researcher & Singer

I learnt a number of exercises for improving my voice. The relaxation exercises help me in my day to day life. Dr. Nayak is a very sincere teacher.

R. K. Biswal
Executive, UTI Bank

I’d never imagined that such an excellent level of voice training is available right here in Mumbai, India. Dr. Nayak is an amazing teacher and she makes voice and speech’ both interesting and easy to learn. On radio, your voice is the only tool you have and Dr. Nayak’s training has helped me infuse more depth and intensity into characterization. Another interesting thing I must share with you is that Urdu is my mother tongue and although people have approached me to teach them Urdu, I have refused because I wasn’t confident of teaching the language. But Dr. Nayak’s Accent Reduction and Standard American English training program has given me such an in- depth understanding of phonetics that I now have the confidence to teach Urdu.

Ms. Birjees Dost
All India Radio voice artiste & journalist

I learnt everything about the voice at Dr. Nayak's workshop- from How to Breathe Correctly to How to Speak Effectively

Satish Kadam

My voice used to be shaky and vary and crack so much that I didn’t want to hear myself. Dr. Nayak put me on a corrective voice training program which improved my voice significantly. Now I know that the voice can be changed without medicines or operations.

Sandeep Pardhi
IT Executive, Pune

Very Good Voice Workshop! Simple to understand and Effective.

Unmesh Raool


Certified Intensive Training Program


The following trainings are available for individuals and groups

The Broadcast Voice

There is no such thing as the perfect broadcast voice. It is all a matter of learning to use your voice, breath and body in a way that allows you to deliver your message in a conversational and relaxed yet authoritative and clear manner, which sounds 'uniquely you'- qualities that the audience identifies in broadcasters they love and trust. Yes! How you use your voice, breath and body decides whether your audience will listen to your words or just switch off.

The broadcast voice training program will equip participants with the necessary skills to communicate in a convincing, natural and focused way in varied and demanding media situations. Dr. Nayak can help the members of your team in the following areas:

  • Developing vocal power, dynamic range & expressiveness [voice modulation]
  • Speaking with authority and passion
  • Improving vocal energy and focus
  • Connecting with your viewers/listeners
  • Marking copy
  • Breathing diaphragmatically
  • Sounding conversational
  • Speaking effectively and effortlessly
  • Reducing an undesirable accent
  • Enhancing on-camera presence
  • Reducing vocal fatigue & strain
  • Enhancing voice quality & correcting vocal faults
  • Restoring a damaged or injured voice
  • Managing performance stress/relaxing under pressure

One-on-one and personalized small group voice coaching is offered to broadcast journalists, news anchors, television and radio hosts, sports commentators, voice- over and dubbing artistes on an ongoing basis in our office. The Broadcast Voice workshop is also offered in-house to news networks, television channels and radio stations.

The Woman’s Voice- for women in the corporate sector and business

An increasing number of women are visible in the highly competitive business and corporate arena. And yet, women have an especially hard time being heard. People will listen to a man’s words. But when a woman speaks, they first observe how she looks and sounds before they listen to what she has to say. Women have a naturally high pitched voice, which tends to rise further whenever a woman is nervous or under stress. As a result they may end up sounding shrill, squeaky or immature – vocal qualities, which undermine their professional image.

This one day workshop is designed to help corporate and businesswomen be in charge of their voice in any communication situation – whether it is a major presentation, a staff meeting or a one-on-one interaction.

Short Result Oriented Voice Training for singers aspiring to enter singing competitions like Indian Idol , Sa Re Ga Ma

This is an intensive training program in vocal technique, to prepare singers to perform in singing competitions with confidence. This is a personalized, small group training program and is usually held a few weeks before the competition.

Accent Reduction- Accent Neutralization and Speech Improvement

Accent reduction, also known as accent modification or accent neutralization is for you if you would like to lose a regional Indian or foreign accent. Speaking with a noticeable accent may undermine your communication skills both professionally and socially. People may not understand what you are saying and you may have to repeat yourself. Your listeners may pay more attention to your accent than what you are saying. Accent neutralization is also a requirement for certain professions like news anchoring on a national network or call center work.

Accent reduction- accent neutralization involves a systematic training process focused on modifying speech patterns. This includes a professional speech evaluation followed by working on clarity of speech sounds, pronunciation, intonation and rhythm of speech. The purpose of this program is to help those, who are proficient with the English language, speak with a neutral globally understood English accent or a more North American or British accent.

At present, we teach

  • Global Accent
  • Standard/Neutral Indian English Accent
  • British Accent [Received Pronunciation]
  • Standard American English Accent
  • Hindi and Marathi accent to Non Resident Indians and foreigners seeking a career in India in the media, entertainment industry or corporate sector.

Accent modification training is recommended for

  • those who speak English as a second language
  • those who speak English with a regional Indian accent
  • corporate executives, businessmen, professionals, speakers, teachers, students and others who want to enhance their communication skills by getting rid of a regional accent
  • actors who need to acquire an accent for a role
  • television anchors and broadcast journalists working for national networks who need to speak with a neutral accent
  • call center employees
  • Indian professionals and students seeking professional opportunities in the U.S and U.K
  • Indian professionals who interact with international clients
  • those who are competing for a job in the global marketplace
  • non resident Indians and foreigners in India who need to understand Indian English
  • those whose accent and speech impacts their professional and social life

Modes of Training

Individual and customised small group training at Dr. Nayak’s office.

Group training for medical professionals, students seeking a career in the U.S or U.K

On- Site Customised Training for call centers, business, corporate and other organizations.

Train the Trainer Workshop for speech pathologists and for those aspiring for a career in accent and speech training

Overcoming Performance Anxiety/ Stage Fright

This one day workshop teaches you to face an audience with confidence. It provides practical techniques, based on physical and vocal skills training and cognitive modification for creating a calm and relaxed body, voice and mind prior to a performance or presentation.

Vocal Fitness and Endurance Training

This one day workshop is designed for professional voice users like teachers, trainers, lawyers, businessmen, stock brokers, sales executives, communication professionals and anybody whose work entails long tiring hours of voice use. It will teach you healthy and effective patterns of voice use, vocal hygiene, diet and lifestyle for the voice, how to recognize voice problems, techniques to develop vocal power, stamina and expressiveness without putting undue pressure on the throat and straining the voice.

Peak Performance Training for Performance Enhancement

This is a program designed to optimize the mental potential of a performer through psychological training. Psychological training is as important as training in physical skills. Peak performance training provides an integrated approach to optimizing psychological potential using highly effective techniques used in sports psychology This training program is tailored to meet the needs and objectives of individuals and small groups. The program focuses on

  • Programming the mind for success
  • Developing a positive belief system
  • Developing mental focus, motivation and concentration
  • Handling performance related stress and anxiety
  • Achieving effortlessness in performance
  • Relaxing under pressure
  • Goal setting
  • Cultivating the ability to control emotions and thoughts
  • Optimizing performance and creativity
  • Developing heightened awareness

It is specially recommended for performers, professionals, businessmen and students preparing for competitions, stage performances, presentations, auditions, academic challenges and interviews.

The Superstar Voice Lab

This is an intensive and comprehensive training program for young aspiring singers, broadcasters, and actors for complete all round development. It is conducted on an individual basis and includes vocal, physical and psychological training with lifestyle management.

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