As advocated by Stephen R Covey, 'Sharpening the Saw', i. e continually renewing yourself, your tools, techniques is one of the seven habits of highly effective people, which is mostly overlooked or underestimated by others.Not strange! In fact the most important tool we use everyday, almost non- stop in business meetings, presentations, interviews, at home, in social gatherings is 'our voice'. But we often neglect it or think that it cannot be improved.I have further observed that it is not only Amitabh Bacchan or Ameen Sayani, but also many corporate executives, whose success is attributable to their voice. When this dawned upon me, I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak to better my voice. With her accurate analysis of my voice and personally administered exercise plan, I got my natural, better sounding voice in 6 weeks. And of course, a better job too, with more authority and responsibility.

Vinayak Desai
Associate Director, Information Security


In May 2007, I was operated on in my hometown Dhaka for a polyp on my vocal cord . Even after the surgery, my voice continued to remain hoarse. I had to stop singing and started getting anxious and depressed about my voice. I had lost hope when I came across Dr. Nayak's website through an internet search. I traveled to India in December 2007 for a consultation with Dr. Sadhana Nayak. I can say I have got the right direction for getting my normal life back. After getting a detailed diagnosis and corrective voice training with Dr. Nayak, I got a comprehensive understanding of the voice with its relation to my emotions, mind and body. I learnt how to find my voice in harmony with my everyday life. I got a lot of confidence after training with Dr. Nayak which was very important for me. The training and interaction with Dr. Nayak was very inspiring. Thank you!

Sameha Tabassum
Correspondence Associate Warid Telecom Intl. Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I contacted Dr.Sadhana Nayak when I was doing a theatre workshop with EKJUTE. Nadeera Babbar was doing a new play- PENCIL SE BRUSH TAK. When she heard my voice, she commented I had a typical voice quality. I realised I needed some voice training if I had to get a role. I chose to take personal consultation and training with Dr. Sadhana Nayak and my voice showed a lot of improvement. I got the role and I fulfilled my dream of performing at PRITHVI theatre. Now I am doing a course in the Business of Films and Television at Subhash Ghai's Institute, Whistling Woods International. I wish Dr. Nayak all the success that she rightly deserves.

Vinod Agarwal,
Student, Whistling Woods International

I consulted Dr. Nayak because my voice had become very hoarse. I could not speak or sing softly and I could not sing the higher pitches. With Dr. Nayak's corrective voice training and treatment, my voice is back to normal. I can reach higher pitches with ease. Not only my voice but my body also feels relaxed. I can sing clearly in a soft voice. In the past I used to have sore throats very often. That has stopped completely.

Apoorva Gajala,
Singer [Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Marathi Finalist, 2009]

I am very happy with the positive changes in my voice after training with Dr. Nayak. My voice was hoarse before I visited Dr. Nayak. With the simple techniques that she taught me, I found a lot of change in my voice. It got clearer and I am able to reach the higher notes very easily.

Sangeetha Narayanan,
Singer, [Finalist 2009, Gandharva Sangeetham Reality Show], Kairali T.V

Dr. Nayak's voice workshop is based on excellent practical exercises, which are fully result oriented.

R. Sadasivan,
Corporate Executive

Excellent Voice Workshop! It has helped me a lot in learning the basics of voice, which is very important for a voice user like me. The style of teaching is very good. Would love to learn more and more on the subject.

Mita Dixit,
Marketing Consultant

After searching for years, I finally received the right direction from you. You are a genius. You corrected all my errors in singing using simple & effective techniques. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Leena Kulkarni,


I learnt everything about the voice at Dr. Nayak's workshop- from How to Breathe Correctly to How to Speak Effectively

Satish Kadam


My voice used to be shaky and vary and crack so much that I didn’t want to hear myself. Dr. Nayak put me on a corrective voice training program which improved my voice significantly. Now I know that the voice can be changed without medicines or operations.

Sandeep Pardhi
IT Executive, Pune

I had lost my voice when I met you. You gave me my voice & career back

P. S.,
Television Anchor



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