Your training made me aware of the problems in my voice & helped me open up my voice & increase resonance. The exercises on pacing, intonation & articulation were very useful.

Dr. Nikhil Vashi
Orthodontist & Workshop Conductor


Certified Intensive Training Program

AAROHA offers a spectrum of specialized services for vocal performance excellence spanning professional voice coaching, voice image building and medical services for the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.

Choose AAROHA as your Voice Empowerment Partner If

  • You are a professional in the media and entertainment industry viz. actor, radio or television anchor, broadcast journalist, sports commentator.
  • You are an aspiring or established vocal performer viz. singer, voice-over [VO] or dubbing artiste.
  • You are a professional in the corporate sector or business, who is the face of the organization.
  • You have a vocally demanding job and depend on your voice for professional activity, which means you are a teacher, lawyer, sales executive, trainer, speaker, call center employee, stock broker, sports coach, aerobics instructor.
  • You have no obvious voice problem, but would like to improve your voice.
  • You have a definite voice problem, which needs to be diagnosed and treated.
  • You have an excellent voice today and need to maintain it at that optimum level.

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