As advocated by Stephen R Covey, 'Sharpening the Saw', i. e continually renewing yourself, your tools, techniques is one of the seven habits of highly effective people, which is mostly overlooked or underestimated by others.Not strange! In fact the most important tool we use everyday, almost non- stop in business meetings, presentations, interviews, at home, in social gatherings is 'our voice'. But we often neglect it or think that it cannot be improved.I have further observed that it is not only Amitabh Bacchan or Ameen Sayani, but also many corporate executives, whose success is attributable to their voice. When this dawned upon me, I came to Dr. Sadhana Nayak to better my voice. With her accurate analysis of my voice and personally administered exercise plan, I got my natural, better sounding voice in 6 weeks. And of course, a better job too, with more authority and responsibility.

Vinayak Desai
Associate Director, Information Security

I have learnt to connect my emotions much better with my voice. I don’t lose my voice at the end of every performance as I used to. My performances are more powerful & honest.

S. J
Theatre actress

It was really scary to have felt that I may not sing. The voice coaching and of course a better understanding of the anatomy of voice production have been just marvelous. Extremely satisfying experience due to complete attention paid by Dr. Nayak. My voice is back to a good cheer.

Vinay Mahajan
Researcher & Singer

I learnt a number of exercises for improving my voice. The relaxation exercises help me in my day to day life. Dr. Nayak is a very sincere teacher.

R. K. Biswal
Executive, UTI Bank

I’d never imagined that such an excellent level of voice training is available right here in Mumbai, India. Dr. Nayak is an amazing teacher and she makes voice and speech’ both interesting and easy to learn. On radio, your voice is the only tool you have and Dr. Nayak’s training has helped me infuse more depth and intensity into characterization. Another interesting thing I must share with you is that Urdu is my mother tongue and although people have approached me to teach them Urdu, I have refused because I wasn’t confident of teaching the language. But Dr. Nayak’s Accent Reduction and Standard American English training program has given me such an in- depth understanding of phonetics that I now have the confidence to teach Urdu.

Ms. Birjees Dost
All India Radio voice artiste & journalist

I learnt everything about the voice at Dr. Nayak's workshop- from How to Breathe Correctly to How to Speak Effectively

Satish Kadam

My voice used to be shaky and vary and crack so much that I didn’t want to hear myself. Dr. Nayak put me on a corrective voice training program which improved my voice significantly. Now I know that the voice can be changed without medicines or operations.

Sandeep Pardhi
IT Executive, Pune

Very Good Voice Workshop! Simple to understand and Effective.

Unmesh Raool


Certified Intensive Training Program

  • You would like to perform with greater confidence and freedom and reach out to your audience.
  • You would like to broadcast, sing, act or just speak better.
  • You are looking for a career in radio and television hosting, singing, acting, broadcast journalism, voice-overs or dubbing.

Stage 1

Working on the Vocal System

Our approach to voice training is based on the principle, that any voice which is used for performance or communication has to be first worked on at a physical level to unleash its full natural potential. This stage of voice training aims to create an optimal & healthy voice for broadcasting, singing, acting and speaking. In spite of significant strides made by technology, the voice continues to remain the primary tool of communication. We, therefore, work scientifically on the vocal system [which includes the breath, body and emotions] providing techniques, exercises and philosophies, which focus on achieving.

  • Greater Vocal Power, Strength, Endurance and Stamina
  • Improved Vocal Energy
  • Improved Voice Quality, Texture and Tone
  • Enhanced Vocal Dynamics [Voice Modulation] and Expressiveness
  • Expanded Pitch and Dynamic Range, Voice Flexibility & Vocal Variation
  • Speech Clarity and Effective Articulation
  • Voice Focus, Placement and Projection
  • Improved Physical Ease and Spinal Alignment
  • Long Term Vocal Health & Reduced Vocal Fatigue with healthy patterns of voice use and vocal hygiene

This is an aspect of voice training that is often overlooked. Radio and television anchors, broadcast journalists, actors, voice-over [VO] and dubbing artistes often ignore this aspect of voice training. As a result, they may struggle with an ineffective professional voice or develop recurring vocal difficulties or voice problems through their career.

Stage 2

Developing Vocal Delivery Skills and Creative Vocal Expression

Once you have cultivated the power, range, flexibility and full potential of your voice and worked on the sound of your voice, the next step is to apply this to various styles and mediums of performance. Having a beautiful vocal sound alone is meaningless, if you fail to use it effectively for performance and communication. This aspect of training focuses on applying the training at stage-one to broadcasting viz. news anchoring and radio & television hosting, acting, singing and corporate & business presentations. At this level, we provide techniques, exercises and philosophies which focus on

  • Enhanced stage/on- camera presence
  • Confidence and charisma
  • Connecting better with the viewers/audience
  • Developing message delivery skills for television and radio
  • Developing vocal performance skills for acting and singing
  • Developing vocal communication skills for business and corporate presentations

In short, the training at the second stage is an application of the techniques learned at the initial stage to different performance and message delivery situations.

Stage 3

Hypnosis is used as a powerful tool for performance empowerment in those individuals who would like to take their performance/presentation to a higher level.


Accent Reduction Program
Individual Coaching for radio and television hosts, broadcast journalists, actors, voice-over [VO] and dubbing artistes, singers, speakers, trainers, executives, businessmen and communication professionals at Dr. Nayak’s office.

Online [Skype] Consultations & Coaching for those who cannot see Dr. Nayak in her office.

Group Training

Personalised Small Group Training Programs for radio and television hosts, broadcast journalists, actors, voice-over [VO] and dubbing artistes, singers, speakers, trainers, executives, call center employees, businessmen and communication professionals at Dr. Nayak’s office.

On-Site Customised Training for radio stations, television channels, news networks, music and acting institutes, theater groups, film units, business, corporate and other organizations.

Train the Trainer Workshop for speech pathologists and for those aspiring for a career in voice coaching.

Follow up & Maintenance Programs & Updates

Lectures and Seminars for large groups

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