In May 2007, I was operated on in my hometown Dhaka for a polyp on my vocal cord . Even after the surgery, my voice continued to remain hoarse. I had to stop singing and started getting anxious and depressed about my voice. I had lost hope when I came across Dr. Nayak's website through an internet search. I traveled to India in December 2007 for a consultation with Dr. Sadhana Nayak. I can say I have got the right direction for getting my normal life back. After getting a detailed diagnosis and corrective voice training with Dr. Nayak, I got a comprehensive understanding of the voice with its relation to my emotions, mind and body. I learnt how to find my voice in harmony with my everyday life. I got a lot of confidence after training with Dr. Nayak which was very important for me. The training and interaction with Dr. Nayak was very inspiring. Thank you!

Sameha Tabassum
Correspondence Associate Warid Telecom Intl. Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

You have given me a new life because singing is my life.

Amisha Desai

You have made my life. I am much more confident when I meet people. My friends & colleagues tell me I have a great voice. I can’t believe that this transformation has happened in just 4 sessions. Thank you for your help & effort.

Bhavin Naram
Telecomm. Engineer


Voice Therapy
Voice disorders are usually multifactorial and need a systematic evaluation process to arrive at the diagnosis and chalk out a treatment plan. The focus of our work is voice enhancement, power and endurance training and non surgical restoration of the injured voice in professional voice users and performers.

The Voice Clinic at AAROHA offers the following services for the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders

  • Personal Consultation & Clinical Voice Assessment
  • Videolaryngoscopy [Endoscopic Examination of the Larynx with a Telescope]
  • Dynamic Voice Evaluation with a Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscope
  • Computerized Acoustic Analysis of Voice & Speech.
  • Diet & Lifestyle Advice for Vocal Health
  • Correction of Vocal Faults in vocal performers & professional voice users
  • Preventive Voice Check ups and Voice Care Programs for Early Detection of Voice Problems & Vocal Health Maintenance
  • Care & Development of Children & Adolescent Voices
  • Restoration of Damaged and Injured Voices
  • Medical Treatment of Voice Disorders
  • Voice Therapy
  • Phonosurgery or Voice Surgery [surgery designed to enhance the voice]
  • Voice Wellness Training to improve the flexibility, power, range and endurance of the vocal muscles and to allow effortless voice production for extended periods.
  • Stress Management Strategies to Improve Performance
  • Psychological Rehabilitation after vocal injury or voice problem
  • Care of the Professional and Performer’s Voice

You should seek medical advice if you have any of the following symptoms

  • Hoarse voice not associated with cold / flu
  • Hoarse voice after a sore throat / cold / flu which stays with you beyond 2 weeks
  • Change in voice noticed by you / family / friends
  • Voice cracks or tires after use
  • You tend to lose your voice
  • Change in pitch
  • Reduced pitch range
  • Difficulty in speaking loudly / softly
  • Pain / scratchy feeling in the throat while or after speaking
  • Repeated sore throats / chronic throat irritation.
  • Need to clear the throat frequently
  • Breaks in the voice
  • Feeling of lump in the throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Persistent cough
  • Blood in cough / sputum
  • Tremors or shakiness in the voice
  • Strained strangled quality to your voice
  • Voice drops to a whisper as you speak
  • Voice use is effortful
  • Your E.N.T specialist, voice trainer or coach has recommended voice therapy
  • You are a singer, actor, broadcaster or communication professional who experiences vocal difficulties, voice strain or tiring of the voice during, before or after performances / presentations / rehearsals
  • You are a chronic / heavy smoker who experiences any of the above symptoms even in a very mild form

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