Onsite Group Workshop Programs

The following workshops are available on site for corporate offices, organizations and institutions.
'ACCENT NEUTRALISATION INTENSIVE' - Basic & Advanced For more details
  Speaking with a regional accent or incorrect pronunciation may undermine your communication skills, even if you are proficient with the English language. This workshop will provide you with the foundation for speaking with a neutral/ global accent and help you modify a regional accent.

For more details
  This training program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and necessary skills in imparting training in the area of voice, accent and phonetics training for BPOs, KPOs, the corporate sector, schools and colleges. This is ideal for aspiring Voice and Accent trainers, HR managers, training managers, teachers of English, educators, speech pathologists, communication consultants and those who want to be professional trainers.
'VOICE POWER' For more details
  This two day experiential workshop teaches you techniques that outstanding actors, broadcasters and speakers use to command attention and create a charismatic presence through effective use of their body and voice.
'VOICE WELLNESS' For more details
  This one day experiential workshop is designed for professional voice users like educators, trainers, lawyers, businessmen, stock brokers, sales executives, communication professionals and vocal performers like radio jockeys, television anchors, broadcast journalists - anybody whose profession entails long tiring hours of voice use, often at the extremes of the voice range.

For registration forms, email: drsadhananayak@gmail.com

Contact: +91- 9819752312

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