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Voice Performance Consultant
Dr. Sadhana Nayak is a vocal arts medicine specialist - laryngologist specializing in 'Care of The Professional Voice' [in simple terminology - a voice doctor] and voice performance consultant with a multifaceted background in the field of voice. She belongs to an international network of voice specialists, who specialize in training and treating vocal performers and professionals in the media, entertainment industry, business and the corporate sector. Dr. Nayak has specialized in 'Laryngology and Care of the Professional Voice' at Dr. Robert Sataloff's "The American Institute for Voice & Ear Research", Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Dr. Sadhana Nayak was awarded the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship for the academic year 2011- 12, as visiting faculty for Voice at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Drama. She is a certified Associate teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, a comprehensive approach to voice training, taught at Yale School of Drama, Harvard University and other institutions in the U.S.A, Europe and other parts of the world. She is an associate of internationally acclaimed broadcast voice specialist, Dr. Ann Utterback, voice coach to CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and other television and radio stations in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Nayak has the unique distinction of training in various disciplines related to the voice viz. voice oriented laryngology [voice medicine & surgery], voice performance, vocal arts, phonetics and performance psychology. After her M.B.B.S [Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery] & M. S [Master of Surgery] in Otolaryngology [E.N.T] at the Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai, India, she was a Visiting Fellow in ‘Laryngology and Care of the Professional Voice’ at “The American Institute for Voice & Ear Research”, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, U.S.A. where she received her training from Dr. Robert Sataloff, an internationally recognized voice specialist. Her stint with Dr. Sataloff and his team of acting and singing voice specialists exposed her to the complexities and finer nuances of treating and training elite vocal artistes.

Her background in singing, voiceovers and anchoring enrich her abilities as a voice specialist. Dr. Nayak believes that training the voice, body and the mind of performers with sound medical knowledge helps her offer her clients the best for enhancing their voice and performance. As a performance psychologist, she has been helping a large number of performers and professionals optimize their performance and stage/media presence through hypnotherapy, NLP, peak performance training and counseling. She is a hypnotherapist, certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She has trained and treated broadcast journalists, singers, actors, radio and television hosts, voice-over [VO] and dubbing artistes, teachers, trainers, businessmen, executives, students and speakers. She has delivered lectures, conducted workshops and seminars, made scientific presentations and has been invited as a panelist at conferences and workshops.

Dr. Nayak has an avid interest in health and medical writing. She has written extensively on the voice and health related topics for and has been featured in leading national dailies like the Times of India, Indian Express, Mid Day and Maharashtra Times and in magazines published by the Times and Express group.

Dr. Nayak has been awarded the Commonwealth Fellowship by the British Academic Committee & the Hargobind Foundation Fellowship. She has received National Awards for the best scientific papers from the Association of Otolaryngologists of India. She has been a visiting professor with Mumbai university.

Panelist/ Invited Speaker/ Workshop/Seminar Leader


Conducted a workshop on 'Hindustani Classical Singing- Vocalization Techniques' for teachers of singing and acting and voice coaches, New York city, June 8, 2012
'Vocal Practice Routine & Voice Training in Indian [Hindustani] Classical Singers- A Preliminary Study' at the 25th Annual Voice Foundation Symposium, Philadelphia, June 1-4, 2012
'Comparison of Classical Indian [Hindustani] to Classical Western Singing -vocalization styles: A Preliminary Study', at the International Voice Symposium, New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development- Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, New York, January 5-7, 2012.
Conducted a Voice Workshop for acting and musical theatre majors at NYU Tisch, New York, November 15, 2011.
Guest Lecturer at Ithaca College, Department of Theatre Arts, Ithaca, New York, October 26- November 2, 2011. Series of lectures and Q & A sessions on 'Vocal Health and Vocal Hygiene for the Actor'.
Invited speaker on 'Healthy Living for Musicians-Caring for the Singer's Voice' at the School of Music, Ithaca College in partnership with the Ithaca College Office of Counselling and Psychological Services, Ithaca , New York, November 1, 2011.
Invited to speak on 'Care of the Professional Voice- Scope and Possibilities' at the National Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association (Ithaca College Chapter), Ithaca, New York, October 27, 2011.
Guest Lecturer, 'Different Provider Models for Voice Therapy', Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, NYU, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, October 20, 2011.
Guest Lecturer, 'Sound Image', Department of Film and Television, NYU Tisch, October 20, 2011.


'Broadcast Voice Training Program’, Times Television Network- ET Now, Delhi, April 30 – May 2, 2011.
'Broadcast Voice Training Program', Times Television Network- ET Now, Mumbai, April 9- 12, 2011.
Workshop on 'Vocal Communication Excellence', CLSA India Ltd., Mumbai, March 2011
Panelist 'Issues of Professional Voice Users', at  the 7th Annual Conference [Phonocon 2011], Delhi, organized by The Association of Phonosurgeons of India, February 25- 27, 2011.
Invited speaker 'Voice Care for the Educator', SNDT  University, Mumbai, December 14,2010.
Chairman at panel discussion on 'Care of the Professional Voice' at Voicecon 2010, 9th International Voice Conference, Pune, organized by The Indian Voice Association, November 26-28, 2010
Invited speaker 'How to take Care of Your Voice' at HELP [Health Education Library for People], Mumbai, October 9, 2010.
Invited speaker 'Stress Management through Hypnosis' , Asian Paints, October 2, 2010
Guest speaker, Academy of Theater Arts, University of  Mumbai to speak on  'Caring for The Actor’s Voice’,  May 2, 2010
Workshop Leader 'Accent Neutralization', Axis Risk Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, March 2010.
Organized a seminarVoice Disorders & Management' in collaboration with the Department of Otolaryngology, Seth G. S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, January 7, 2007
Invited speaker for the teaching staff of  K. C. College, University of Mumbai, to speak on ‘Caring for the Professional Voice’ August 21, 2006
Invited speaker & Seminar Leader ‘Voice Care by The Voice Doctor’, for Darrpan Mehta’s Sugar Mediaz, [Institute for training voice artistes , radio and television hosts], November 25, 2005
Invited speaker, Times Wellness and Times Foundation [Times of India Group], to address a seminar on ‘Train Your Voice to Suit Your Needs’, September 2, 2005
Guest speaker ‘Care of the Professional Voice’ , ‘Voice Workshop for voice-over artistes’ conducted by Partap Sharma, May 31, 2003.
Workshop Leader Voice Modulation’, at Acting Workshop conducted by Shernaz Patel, May 18, 2003.
Panelist at the symposium on ‘Medical Update’ [Topic: Voice Medicine] at the 51st Annual Convention of the Indian Association of Occupational Health’, Mumbai Branch, April 13, 2003.
Workshop Leader for a series of workshops on ‘Voice Power & Modulation’ for radio jockeys, Percept - Techniche Media , Mumbai,  April – August 2003
Workshop Leader ‘Care & Training of the Voice for the Actor’, Acting Academy, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, March  29, 2003.
Invited speaker, ‘Vocal Health for Professors’, Maharashtra State Class Owners Association, Mumbai, December 1, 2002
Invited speaker ‘Your Voice- The Mirror to your Personality’ Asoka Mehta Institute Of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai, July 2002
Invited speaker ‘Techniques for Voice Quality Enhancement & Voice Modulation’ by the Lions Club of Mumbai Western Links, July 2002.
Invited speaker, ‘Care of the Professional Voice- A New Subspeciality of  Otolaryngology’, Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Occupational Health, Mumbai, 1999.
Panelist for symposium on 'Disorders of the Voice’, 49th Annual Conference of  the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Udaipur, January, 1997
Invited speaker, ‘Recent Advances in E. N. T- Laryngology & Care of the Professional Voice’ at the XXII Annual Conference of the Indian Medical Association, Mumbai branch, April 1993.

My journey through the fascinating world of the human voice

My search for a solution to voice problems began during my residency program in otolaryngology. I came across a number of singers, actors, teachers and other professional voice users who sought medical advice for voice problems and were devastated if their voice was not restored. I came to the conclusion that surgical excision of a swelling on the vocal folds is not = restoration of the voice. It is only one aspect of treatment of voice disorders and today, I do not recommend surgery for functional voice disorders. In those days, our understanding of the structure and functioning of the voice was limited and there was not much technology available for the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders. ENT surgeons sometimes performed surgical procedures like stripping of the vocal folds for chronic laryngitis, which ruined the voice rather than restore it. [thankfully, we do not perform this surgery anymore ]. As a person who loves the performing arts and has trained in singing, I know what it means to lose your voice. I think the ability to sing and speak is one of the most wonderful gifts we have. I, therefore, strongly felt the need to reach out to people with voice problems.

In 1997, I received the opportunity I’d been waiting for - a Visiting Fellowship in "Care of the Professional Voice and Laryngology” with Dr. Robert Sataloff, a pioneer in the field of ‘Care of the Professional Voice’. My stint with Dr. Sataloff exposed me to the complexities of treating elite vocal performers. On my return to India, I set up a voice clinic where I initially focused only on the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders and vocal difficulties in amateur and professional performers.

How I evolved as a voice performance consultant and voice coach

What I learned in the process of treating voice disorders in vocal performers and professional voice users is that most patients who visit my voice clinic have developed vocal difficulties or full fledged voice disorders because of incorrect use, overuse and abuse of the vocal system. Voice disorders can easily be prevented in most vocal performers and voice professionals by learning the correct use of the vocal mechanism and healthy voicing techniques. This is where the time I had spent with the acting and singing voice coaches along with laryngologists and speech pathologists in the U.S and my background in singing came in of great help. Combining my medical knowledge and experience in treating voice problems with my training with voice coaches, I started providing professional voice coaching to actors, singers, broadcasters, voice-over [VO] and dubbing artistes, trainers, teachers and many others. I believe that every creative process and artistic endeavour is based on the foundation of science and technique. An expressive and effective voice used for performance or any professional activity has to be first and foremost a healthy voice supported by a healthy body. Learning scientific vocal techniques unlocks the potential of your voice for artistic and creative expression. Such an approach minimizes the possibility of developing commonly seen voice disorders in performers.

Having worked on the body to unlock the voice, I realized that another very important area that needs attention is the mind and the emotions. I therefore widened my knowledge base by training in hypnotherapy, NLP, personal counseling, creative writing, & various aspects of performance psychology and mind- body medicine.

My journey through the world of voice which began at Dr. Robert Sataloff’s Voice Institute continues today with greater vigor and focus through the process of treating patients and training a wide variety of voices. Continuing interaction with voice specialists and performance psychologists has helped me gain a broader understanding and develop a holistic approach to the voice. It has helped me combine aesthetically pleasing techniques with scientifically endorsed ones. Here I would like to make a special mention of Dr. Ann Utterback, broadcast voice specialist; Dr. James Thomas, laryngologist; Lorraine Merritt, corporate and media voice coach based in Australia; Karen Hutton, broadcast voice and talent coach and Dr. David Grand , psychotherapist practicing performance enhancement through EMDR -all of who have generously shared their experience, time and knowledge with me. My goal is to provide not just elite performers but everybody who speaks the highest standards of scientific voice care and the tools for vocal performance excellence.

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